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‘Zulfiqar’ Has To Go Through Some Cuts – Know Why?

You might not find out few scenes or some of the dialogue in the film that were on the ‘Zulfiqar’ trailer. The film has to go through some cuts due to a complain registered by All Bengal Minority Youth Organization.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is intervenes, “said Venkatesh philmasake asked to exclude the controversial parts of the picture. He is known to be disturbed in the matter. FIR filed against the chief minister and created the ensemble film is not assured, “the minority Bengali Youth Federation.

In the film, a character is shown to kill another saying ‘Allah Hafiz’ which the minority group believes has hurt their religious sentiment. However, Srijit Mukherjee has agreed to chop down the scene. The filmmaker is also requested to removed the name of the places from the picture like Khidirpure, Gardenrich, and Metiaburuz, three place names were mentioned in the film directly.  There was also objection, “the Bengali phedaresanaera minority youth. Director of the words, ‘all names are dropped from the picture. Place names will be legendary. ”


Dev, Paoli, Ankush And Srijit - Team 'Zulfiqar' On Their Film

Bengali Youth Federation issued a statement.Where it has been said, “is specifically mentioned that” julaphikara ‘film on Islam and Muslim culture is not so much disrespect of any kind, he will remain cautious. And on the eve of the release of the film on October 7 between the police and the administration of West Bengal Minority Commission Chairman and Muslim scholars will be shown. “ According to the statement.


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