What She Found Invading Her bedroom At 4 A.M. Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

What would you do if you woke up to a giant python slithering across your bed? A five-metre python slithered its way into an Australian woman’s guest bedroom earlier this week, startling the woman when she woke to find it a long python stretching across her bedroom and into the corridor of her home.


A 16-foot, 66-pound python invading her home! "We've got a visitor and it's… huge," Hibberd says in the video.

Trina Hibberd, of Queensland, posted a video of the massive snake on Facebook. The video shows the python’s body draped over a hat rack, across the top of a wall hanging, and wrapped around the edge of a door frame. Another photo shows the snake draped over a bedframe.

A 16-foot, 66-pound python invading her home! “We’ve got a visitor and it’s… huge,” Hibberd says in the video.

The python, which Hibberd calls Monty, slithered its way into the house at 4:30 a.m. Hibberd said on Facebook that it was “crashing around the bedroom” while she waited for animal control workers to arrive.

“Have it locked in the bedroom waiting for help,” she wrote.


What She Found Invading Her bedroom At 4 A.M. Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Hibberd told her friends on Facebook that the snake has been living in the roof of her home for several years, and he “used to slither down into the pool area for a feed and a drink then slither back up just before sunrise.”

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