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Why Koel Mallick Pray to Ganesh ?

Recently, a Ganesh Puja, is one of the best-known and most worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon ceremony at the Salt Lake Koel Mallick said, this is the first time such a large Ganesh Puja in Calcutta on the witness continued.

Koel who appears in Bengali films, standing on the stage and said, “I’ve heard very widely in Mumbai Ganesh is worshiped. But he was not lucky to see Puzo. Ganesh puja in Kolkata chest is so big that it was not known until now. My only prayer to Ganapati Bappa. Peace returned to the earth. Love is in everyone’s awake.


Koel Mallick Bangla Actress Hot Photo

Koel is busy his upcoming bengali thriller film ”Mafia” written and directed by raj chakraborty and produced by shree venkatesh films, stars dev,jeet and subhasree ganguly.

Source – anandalok.