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Why Dev Postponed The Release Of ‘Dhumketu’?

Dev had planned to release his debut production during puja. The film directed by Kaushik Ganguly, also brings together the popular pair of Dev-Subhashree after three years.

During this Puja Dev’s Zulfiqar  release along with five big-budget other movies, so the actor delayed the release of ‘Dhumketu’, the first movie made under Dev’s home production.

The film was scheduled to release during Puja but “There are too many releases. The film is very close to my heart. I think it was a wise decision on our part not to release the film during puja. I always thought there’s no point in fighting with each other’s films. It’s a small industry and let’s not fight among ourselves,” said the actor who plays a mysterious man in the film.


Why Dev Postponed The Release Of 'Dhumketu'

The story revolves around Megh, who works as a tea estate manager in North Sikkim.But a certain crisis renders him jobless. With not many options of livelihood around in the hills, Megh fights to bring back joy into his family’s life. Dhumketu is expected to go on the floors coming soon.

Sources: hindustantimes

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