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Why Dev, gifts a restaurant to his DAD !!

When he was all of four, Deepak Adhikari, instead of enjoying a leisurely vacation at home with his sister and playmates, chose to accompany his father on a trip. His father, Guru, who had a food catering service, took him to the outdoors where Prahaar was being shot.

That was the first time the child got a taste of lights, camera, action -a lot of it -and life was never the same again. Deepak, who shot to fame in Tollywood as Dev, is set to go back to where it all began as he gifts a restaurant to his father this month.

“My school was closed for summer and I went to the outdoors of Prahaar with my father, where Nana Patekar was shooting. It was more of a family vacation for us and work didn’t feel like work.



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