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What Tolly Celebs Said On The Ban Of 500 And 1000 Rs. Notes

Director Rhitobrata Bhattacharya, who has just started shooting his next film, Pujor Diary, was one of those who had to call off the day’s shoot. “Production costs can’t be met without cash. We had requested a restaurant to provide us with food, which can still be paid on card, but how will I pay junior technicians?

For a day’s shoot, we need at least `70,000 in cash and we couldn’t arrange for that many `100 notes,“ he said.The director, who spent the free day trying to organise cash from friends and family , pegged the day’s losses at `2 lakh.


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Suman Moitra, who is shooting Dear God with Shaheb Bhattacherjee and Tonushree Chakraborty , echoed Rhitobrata on the many aspects of film production that can’t be handled without cash. “It will take us a few days to wriggle out of this crisis, since banks and ATMs are also closed. We will reschedule the shoot once we are clear about what is happe ning. The losses will be around `2 lakh per day ,“ he said.



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