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What if Devdas was a woman?

Devdas, the story of a lovelorn man written by Saratchandra Chattopadhyay in 1917, has been adapted in films in different languages. But even back then, if a man wasted his life over love, society would give him the benefit of doubt -like it does today -while a woman doing the same has always been looked down upon. Nothing has changed, though a century has gone by .


Upcoming film Devi.

Paoli Dam starrer ‘Devi’ does the gender blender to bring a new aspect to the same storyline. “Devi asks society how it would react if a woman wasted her life over her love for a man. It also tries to unravel how the man in question would react to it. This we do by reversing the gender of Devdas”, said Rick Basu, the director of the film.


Actress Paoli Dam is all set to play a female Devdas in the upcoming film Devi.

When asked how he came upon the idea, the director said, ”It has been on my mind for over two years, when it came up during a discussion with Paoli. Initially , the film’s name was Paoli, but certain changes were made in the script when screenplay and dialogue writer Reetarshi Dutta came on board”, reveals the acress.



Actress Paoli Dam is all set to play a female Devdas in the upcoming film Devi, presented by Pradip Churiwal and Macneil Engineering Ltd, will release in the beginning of 2017.

Sources: timesofindia