Must see Boeing 767 Emergency Landing This Plane Had To Make — OMG!

A Boeing 767 can carry upwards of 375 passengers, a near-miss crash at Barcelona airport have revealed the shocking moment the air traffic controller ‘went silent’ as another plane taxied in front of them on the runway.

Luckily, the 231 passengers were in the hands of a 30-year veteran pilot, Tadeusz Wrona. He expertly communicated the situation to air traffic controllers and flew the 767 to safety without injuring a single person aboard the plane.


Nikolay Limarev, the captain of the UTair Boeing 767,was forced to perform an emergency ‘go-around’ procedure to avoid hitting the Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A340 at El Prat Airport in Spain.Limarev admitted the incident ‘could have been serious’ if it had not been a clear day.


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