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Man On His Deathbed Gets A Heartfelt Goodbye From His Two Best Friends, His Horses!

A very touching story out of San Antonio. One dying veteran’s last wish was to say goodbye to his two beloved horses. When his health quickly deteriorating, Vietnam veteran Roberto Gonzalez had just one wish: to see and hug his two best friends, Sugar and Ringo, one last time.

Dying veteran reunited with beloved horses one last time

Roberto and his wife, Rosario have raised and trained horses for almost 40 years, in Texas. Sugar and Ringo(horse) are Roberto’s best and closest friends. Unfortunately, Roberto is quite ill – he is paralyzed, and his organs are starting to fail.

So, Hospital staff decided to grant his wish and the two horses traveled 150 miles to visit him at the Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital in San Antonio, Texas,, seeing his prized horses one last time meant everything to him.


One of his final wishes was to see them once more. Sugar and Ringo were loaded up and driven 150-miles to see Roberto. The hospital allowed Roberto to go outside, in his hospital bed, to see his beloved horses.

Dying veteran reunited with beloved horses one last time

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