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Tollywood – Why Abir Chatterjee Hates To Wear Ties?

One of the most handsome and talented actors of Tollywood, Abir Chatterjee carries everything with swag. But, one thing he hates particularly – ties! When ask – What is your comfort clothing? Jeans and T- shirt.

In an interview to a newspaper, the actor revealed why. “They remind me of my corporate days. And I hate it. Even on screen… there are two things I hate… putting on a fake beard and ties.,” says the ‘Abby Sen’ star.


abir chatterjee WALLPAPER

“Actually, I don’t want to go back to those days again.There was a time when I’d get ties as gifts. My wife ( Nandini), who was then my girlfriend, had gifted me the proverbial red tie! I wore it back then…. Actually, I don’t want to go back to those days again.” he added.

Sources: telegraphindia

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