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Tollywood Gets Its First Pension Scheme

The second Sunday of the month. Tollygunge Uttam Mancha witnessed a huge crowd where stars from Tollywood like Biplap Chatterjee, Dulal Lahiri to Prosenjit Chatterjee, Saswata Chaterjee and relatively new comers, all was present for a special announcement at Uttam Mancho.


Tollywood gets its first pension scheme

Sunday morning, coming together for a single run. West Bengal Motion Pictures Artists Forum has entered into an agreement with a Government Bank to launch a pension scheme that is starting exclusively for Bengal’s film industry.

Actor Vishwanath Bose said that this is  “very good step. Most of the artists to actually chew ceyecinte life, does not beg! Than to discuss together, this scheme is being introduced, the little money Though the last lives.

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