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Tollywood actors mostly deliver plastic performances

What happens when you bring together three sharp minds of Bengali cinema — a National Award-winning director, Pradipta Bhattacharyya, and two great actors, Ritwick Chakraborty and Rahul? You get Goen Da, a rangeela film that you can catch on a TV screen. Excerpts from a chat with the trio:

Pradipta, your debut film Bakita Byaktigato won the National Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali back in 2013. Goen Da, your next film, has only come now, in 2016 — that too on the small screen. Why this delay?
Pradipta Bhattacharyya: But I wasn’t sitting idle; I did many documentaries in between. It took me so long to make a film since I didn’t get producers for my kind of films — and I will not compromise on that. A number of them had called me after the National Award, but they didn’t know the kind of films I make.



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