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TOI’s rating of Arindam’s #EgolerChokh is 3.5 stars.

Eagoler Chokh Movie Review

Upam Buzarbaruah, TNN, Aug 14, 2016, 01.56PM IST


Eagoler Chokh would’ve had a flawless storyline had there been a bit more clarity about what actually happened on December 31. Was Shivangi (Jaya) really in Bangalore on that day? If she was, who did the dead drunk Bishan make love to? If it was Nandini (Paayel), how did Shivangi conceive? Confusing… But I guess this is one secret Shabor (Saswata) keeps to himself. We’ll never really know.


Eagoler Chokh

What we do know, however, is that this second film in the Shabor franchise is one hell of a watch. While Saswata is perfect as the shrewd yet not-really-fighting-fit Kolkata cop, Subhrojit nails it as his diligent assistant. But the actor who draws most of the attention (ours, and that of the women in the film) is Anirban. He plays the psychologically scarred woman magnet to perfection.

In his rather understated performance, he mixes the body language of a successful entrepreneur and a mentally tormented man quite well. But in his character lies another unsolved mystery. He’s a mechanical engineer-turned-businessman, successful enough to own a bungalow in New Alipore and at least three premium sedans, but there is no logical string connecting the sexually exploited and mentally traumatised teenage Bishan to the 36-year-old man in the film.



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