Ever Wondered Why Airplane Windows Have Tiny Holes At The Bottom?

When you travel on an airplane, Sitting on a long flight with nothing to do can you think of all sorts of questions. Did you know?, I tell you that there are holes punched at the bottom of the window. Have you not noticed it before?


tiny hole at the bottom of airplane windows

Ever wonder why there’s a tiny hole at the bottom of airplane windows? The first thing you need to know is that an airplane window is made up of three panes: the outer pane which functions as the “primary structural window;” the middle pane, where the hole is located; and the inner pane, the one closest to the passenger.

Between the outer and middle panes is a small space called the “air gap.” Together, the two panes and the gap constitute the “two-pane air-gap design,” which is prepared to take on the full force of atmospheric pressure.  via


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