Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Mad And Throws Reporter’s Microphone Into Lake

CRISTIANO RONALDO steals micro journalist and throw it lake – EURO 2016 (complete with analysis)

Ronaldo shoots from micro CMTV to lake The captain of the national team , Cristiano Ronaldo , starred in an unusual moment early on Wednesday. During a morning tour of the team that CMTV and other media accompanied live, Cristiano Ronaldo was questioned by reporter Diogo Torres, who asked him a question about the game this afternoon .


Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Mad And Throws Reporter's Microphone Into Lake

” Ready for this game ?” Said the special envoy CMTV France. Ronaldo responded taking the reporter’s microphone and threw it into a nearby lake . The moment was captured by television cameras , which showed the unexpected behavior of the Portuguese player .


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