Real Heroes

Three dogs were dumped on the street by their owner…But Wait There’s A Happy Ending!

Owning a pet is a big responsibility… #but HERE is Three dogs were dumped on the street by their owner….. Luckily for these dogs, who were left in the hot Los Angeles HOT sun with just a bag of bread for them to “survive”, Hope For Paws was called after what is happened NEXT…they try to save the poor pups.

Real HERO Zainab Zakria, a volunteer from the UK joined me on this Hope For Paws rescue and with help from a few kind neighbors, we were able to save to Dee-Dee, Charlie, and Nessie had Hope For Paws not come along.

After they all received medical care, they continued to their foster with Shelter Hope Pet Shop at Janss MarketPlace, Thousand Oaks and they will handle their adoption. If you’d like to help make more rescues like this one possible, head over to their website to donate!



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