50,000 People Take Out Protest Rally In London Against Brexit Vote

Thousands of demonstrators marched through central London on Saturday in a raucous and colorful protest against last week’s referendum vote to leave the European Union.

More than 50,000 people from across the UK joined a pro-EU march in London dressed in a ‘sea of gold and blue’ today.

Demonstrators for the ‘March for Europe’ event, who were protesting against Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, met at Park Lane this morning before beginning their descent on Parliament Square.


Brexit protest: Tens of thousands march through London calling for UK to remain in EU

Organisers asked those planning on joining the march to wear the colours blue and gold ‘in solidarity with Europe’ and bring musical instruments, flags and banners.

The crowd heard speeches from the likes of Bob Geldof, Labour MP David Lammy, journalist Owen Jones as well as members of the public.



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