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This Woman is Raising 200 Dogs She Saved From Death in South Korea

Puppies bark and wag their tails as they follow a gray-haired woman through a hillside compound that shelters more than 200 dogs.

“Hey, my babies. Give your mom a kiss,” says Jung Myoung Sook,61 year old, is probably one of the bravest people you’ll ever meet. She lowers her face and one puppy near a snow-covered kennel licks her lips; another gently paws her cheek.



In South Korea,Over the past 26 years, Jung has spent her life rescuing dogs, a place where dogs are thought of more as a food item than as a pet, where dogs are considered a traditional delicacy and have only recently become popular as pets, Jung’s love for her canine friends is viewed by some as odd. But others see her as a champion of animal rights.

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