This Drowning PSA From The 1970s Gave So Many Kids Nightmares For Life

In the 1970s, Britain was experiencing an alarmingly high number of child fatalities from drowning. So the government decided to do something about it, In 1973, the Central Office of Information (COI) made the British Public Information short film name Lonely Water (widely known as The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water).

It worked! I still get the shivers sometimes near open bodies of water, and I didn’t learn to swim until I was 27. In a poll carried out by the BBC on the 60th anniversary of the COI in 2006, Lonely Water was chosen as the UK’s fourth-favourite PIF of all time and the highest ranked one-off production. Dozens of comments attested to the film’s power and lasting impact on 1970s children… But was it effective? Check it out below and see for yourself…

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