This Dad Designed The Coolest Boy’s Room Ever!

David Bonney, 47, secretly spent a month turning the room into something like the inside of a Millennium Falcon.  Superfan sons Dylan, nine, and George, eight, had no idea their sci-fi fantasies were about to come to life.

David, a dad-of-five, said: “The bedroom needed doing up because it hadn’t been done in about eight years and I set myself a challenge to do something special for them. “They absolutely love it.”

David, from Anchorsholme, near Blackpool, Lancs., said Star Wars was one of their favourite films with Darth Maul and Darth Vader their favourite characters. He added: “I grew up with Star Wars and I have all the films so they ended up watching them with me.

“We told them I was redecorating because we were moving them into another room. When they went out for the day I put it all together. They were speechless, especially Dylan. “They were overwhelmed.”

The new bedroom includes a Millennium Falcon-style control panel with flashing LED lights, buttons and levers. It’s also got USB ports and controls for their television and X-Box and David described it as “practical and fun”. Dylan said he was “gobsmacked” when he saw the room.


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