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This 6 year old was paid $2,000 by Facebook for a video of him making mango ice cream

Nihal Raj, known by his nickname Kicha 6-year-old, already a chef in his own right, has been paid $2,000 by Facebook as they bought the rights to his Mickey Mouse shaped, mango ice-cream video, reported Mashable.


Paid $2000 By Facebook For Making Mango Ice Cream

Kicha comes from a family of food lovers started cooking when he was just four years old and has over 1,000 subscribers on his channel KichaTube. Started in 2015, his channel was inspired by American YouTube channel EvanTubeHD

“He always enjoyed standing in the kitchen with his mother when she was cooking. Once, we uploaded a video of his cooking for fun on Facebook and all our friends told us we should get him his own YouTube channel,” his father, Rajagopal VK told BuzzFeed. “He is a good taster too,” Rajagopal says. “He enjoys eating his own food once it’s cooked.”

The Facebook-deal meant that many other offers came his way, but little Nihal is only interested in making YouTube videos with his father and uploading them every Wednesday. Check out this cute little chef’s master  mango ice cream below!


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