The World’s Most Expensive Foods… People Actually Eat #9!

There is something very intimate and special about breaking bread over a delicious meal..  From hot chocolate infused with five grams of edible gold to fish eggs harvested from the rare albino beluga we countdown the 10 most expensive foods in the world.

The foods on this list take the saying, “putting your money where your mouth is” to a whole new level. One of most basic human instincts is to eat food. Depending on our food budget, we will either go crazy at the supermarket or replenish our food supply with rich and nutritious foods, or we will stock up on the ramen noodles and peanut butter if we’re on a tight budget.

However, the life of the rich includes eating some of the finest foods in the world, and you can bet that they don’t come at a cheap price. In this video are some of the most expensive foods in the world, and you will find that the common denominator with all of these foods is that they are adorned with gold in some way. Edible gold has changed the food industry considerably, and has become an accessory to the dinner table.

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