Tallest Tree In The Tropics Found In The Remote Malaysian Rainforest

A tree the height of 20 London double-decker buses has been discovered in Malaysia by conservation scientists from the University of Cambridge monitoring the impact of human activity on the biodiversity of a pristine rainforest.

The Yellow Meranti measuring a whopping 89.5 metres has been found in a rainforest in Malaysia, making it the tallest tropical tree on record. Its height places it ahead of the previous record-holder, an 88.3m Yellow Meranti in the Tawau Hills National Park.

The tree was discovered by researchers at the University of Cambridge, during reconnaissance flights by scientists led by Dr David Coomes from Cambridge’s Department of Plant Sciences working with the Sabah Forestry Department to help protect the area’s biodiversity. It comes at a crucial time, as the Sabah government takes measures to protect and restore heavily logged areas in the region.


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