The Girl Who Survived Rabies – My Shocking Story

This documentary tells about 15 year old, Jeanna Giese, from Wisconsin in the USA, who survived rabies thanks to an innovative and desperate treatment tried out on her by Dr. Rodney Willougby. His technique involved putting her into a deep coma allowing her body to begin an antibody response to the disease that let Jeanna gradually regained normal function. Subsequent testing of the same technique did not have such good results. Jeanna Giese is the first person to ever survive rabies without a vaccine.
Two years ago, 15 year old Jeanna Giese became the first person, without the aid of a vaccination, to survive Rabies. Rabies is a killer, one of our most ancient and deadly enemies. When doctors see the symptoms, there is nothing they can do. Rabies is 100% fatal. VIA – My Shocking Story

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