14,000 Year Old UFO? – The Baltic Sea Anomaly Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown

If there’s one place that is still full of wonder, containing many different mysteries, Is the Baltic Sea Anomaly a 14,000 year old alien spacecraft that crash landed?

The Baltic Sea Anomaly is an unidentified structure that was discovered, the sonar of Ocean X, a private treasure hunting company in 2011. In what seems to come straight out of a starwars film, something like a crashed millenium falcon has been spotted at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.  It looks something like a UFO.

Also note the streak marks behind it. Look at the way they are shaped….it looks like whatever this thing was crashed and skidded along the ground before coming to a stop

The team that discovered this object noted that when their boat was directly above it some of their electrical equipment stopped working. When they sailed away , the equipment started working again.


The Baltic Sea Anomaly

The dive team that explored the sunken object also explained how the object appeared to have steps leading into an egg shaped entrance. Parts of either the object or rock that had formed around it were dated to be around 14,000 years old. VIA – Strange Mysteries

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