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T -Town’s Top #Three Heroines and Their Love Life

Jeet, Subhashree, Sayantika team up for Raj’s film

Subhashree: The most famous of the current lot and her debut Bengali film Pitribhumi. When she started off in Tollywood, she was rumored to be close to superstar Dev. But that relationship did not last for long. Exclusive Interview for TOI, When Said ”I don’t want to marry anyone from the industry. And after marriage, I will quit acting, be a homemaker and look after the kids.”

After 4 years, the hit pair Dev and Subhashree Ganguly again onscreen with their Next Upcoming film in “Dhumketu”. The movie is going to release in Durga Puja based on Romantic and God know if their relationship is back in track or not.


Sayantika Banerjee


Sayantika: This young beautiful actress and one of the best dancers in the industry, is reported to be close with his dream man is Joy Sarkar who is very popular in the small screen. Both of you are spotted together at parties, malls…, the two of them looked very comfortable in each other’s company. But Sayantika is peaking on popularity and she has lot to give to the industry.


Kolkata: Actress Mimi Chakraborty during the Mexifornia Festival at Cafe Mezzuna in Kolkata, on Sep 10, 2015. (Photo: IANS)

Mimi Chakraborty: Tollywood is abuzz with the news that Mimi met on her trip to Turkey, where she met Melih Gülhan Kizilkaya, a 20-year-old, part of Gangster’s (Birsa Dasgupta’s film) local crew from Turkey and fall in love. Currently Mimi is very much focused with her career and she does not seem to planning for settling down in recent future.

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