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T-town Celebs stand up for “Noise free Diwali”

DIWALI is a festival of lights! Firecrackers like chocolate bombs, kali potka, dodoma, although the government have been banned the chocolate bomb, dodoma, and other crakers that create sound pollution, however, declaring them illegal, couldn’t stop people from using them.

Have you ever wondered Old people who suffer from serious illness as well the poor pets at home, they are left at our kindness and it is we who overlook that what is pleasant to us might be an absolute agony to them. Pets like street dogs and cats.


Soundless Diwali

So, this year, Tolly celeb Mimi Chakraborty is trying hard to convey a strong message in support of Soundless Diwali. “Members of film fraternities have supported me in this effort,” said Mimi , other T-town actors like Dev, Nusrat, Bonny, Yash, Sayantika, Jisshu, Ankush, Tonusree, Mahendra Soni- they have all shared videos and pictures conveying the same message.














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