This Girl With The Swollen Head Will Make You Weep!

When a photographer named Arindam Deywas went into a village named Tripura in northeast India, she was immensely shocked to find a baby name of the child was Roona Begum, having a head thrice the size of an average infant and Deywas tried to know the family while she took some pictures of them. Roona was born with hydrocephalus, a potentially fatal condition that causes cerebrospinal fluid to build up on the brain.

The local doctors advised her father to take her a private hospital but being poor; he could just not afford it. So, all he could do was to wait for a miracle to happen,  her journey which has seen her undergo numerous operations on her skull.


This Girl With The Swollen Head Will Make You Weep!

Doctors carried out her latest reconstructive surgery on Friday and the results are clear to see in these pictures taken of Roona at a hospital in New Delhi, India, on Christmas Day.

Roona’s father, Abdul Rahman, who works as a labourer earning around £2 a day, said: ‘We are very poor. We were not in a position to arrange for all the treatment. But so many people came forward to help.’


Roona was admitted to the hospital in April and underwent several rounds of surgery in May and June when doctors drained excess fluid from her head and dramatically reduced the size of her skull to 58 centimetres. Via –


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