It Looks Like A Storm, But It’s One Of The Biggest Swarms Of Locusts You’ll Ever See

A state of emergency has been declared in southern Russia after a huge swarm of locusts spread over 70,000 hectares devastating crops.  In near apocalyptic scenes millions of the insects have caused drivers to swerve to avoid them.

Since a state of emergency was just declared in Russia, it’s clear that these locusts are no joke. So far, they’ve destroyed 70,000 acres of land.

Officials say at least 10% of the south’s farmland has been destroyed – with aircraft used in an attempt to disrupt them.  The Russian Ministry of Agriculture has declared a state of emergency but seem powerless to combat the locusts. Check them out in the video below!

What is Locusts:

Locusts are certain species of short-horned grasshoppers in the family Acrididae which possess both a solitary phase and aswarming phase.

It Looks Like A Storm, But It's One Of The Biggest Swarms Of Locusts You'll Ever See

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