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Shocking: Suriya slapped a young boy in public?

What! Singam 3 actor Suriya actually slapped someone in front of all people!? Here’s what the victim has to say about it!… reports bollywodlife

Suriya is one actor, who is never mired in any controversy so far, but on Monday, a young boy named Prem Kumar (21) has filed a complaint at Shastri Nagar Police Station saying that the actor assaulted him near Adyar bridge.

Actor Suriya has landed in trouble for a completely shocking incident which some allege he actually did. Looks like the 24 actor, who maintains a squeaky clean profile, actually slapped a youngster in public!

According to Prem Kumar, his bike hit a car as the lady in a luxury car in front  applied sudden brake. “I told the lady (owner of the car) that my bike has been damaged and asked her to cover the repair cost. When she agreed for compensation, actor Suriya, who was travelling in the same route, stopped his car, got out  and slapped me on the face and without asking what the issue was, asked the lady to leave”, the boy explain.

“Yes Suriya is an actor and has lot of money but who gave him the right to beat me? He should come to the police station and cops should interrogate him”, concludes Prem Kumar. What Prem Kumar says is his side of the story.

Shocking: Suriya slapped a young boy in public?

Suriya’s spokesperson say that the actor has seen two youngsters harassing an old lady near Adyar bridge and hence, stopped his car to question them.  “Soon, Suriya has informed the cops about the incident and left the place, he asked his assistants to stay in the spot to ensure the lady’s safety. Using Suriya’s absence, the youngsters had filed a complaint”, he concludes.

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