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Suhel Seth To Play An Undercover FBI Agent In ‘Senapati’

Suhel Seth, who is presently in Kolkata, is all set to debut in Bengali film with Riingo’s ‘Senapati’, says that the people of America have shown their unintelligence by even getting Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, this far. “I hope he doesn’t become the president. He will be a disaster,” says Seth, a film that revolves around the rise and fall of a gangster family.


Suhel Seth

In this director Riingo’s gangster venture, Seth will be seen playing an undercover FBI agent Max Wheeler. According to the director informs that he couldn’t think of a better person than Seth to play this pivotal character in the film. “I needed someone who had the attitude and swag. I have incorporated Suhel’s traits in the character too,” said Riingo.

Sources: hindustantimes

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