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Subhashree Ganguly is dating this Bengali Director – Is it True ?

Close relationship between actors and directors are nothing new in film industry. Last few months, the biggest gossip of Tollywood was circling around Raj-Mimi break up until the sudden change in the story came to everyone’s notice. If the rumors are to believe, Raj is dating Subhasree Ganguly, the leading actress from his film ‘Abhimaan’.




Yes, there are going to love Raj Chakraborty and Subhasree Ganguly. Raj-Mimi break up of love since this started. Love so deep that only a few days, they also took a tour of Bangkok together and headed for Europe in this puja, claimed a leading daily.


Raj Chakraborty Is Dating #Subhasree Ganguly ! OMG

The news, they went to Europe after Bangkok. ”They are two senajena have a visa. To me the news, they went together to visit Greece,” says a friend of raj. According to the filmmaker’s friends, ”In April or May to get married,” however, Chakraborty denied the link ups while Subhasree refused to comment on anything related her relationship with Raj.

And Now Subhashree is currently busy shooting in Bangladesh for Eskay Movie’s upcoming film Nawab. From that point Subhashree tweeted saying she is missing somebody. This began every one of the theories. This tweet got more consideration with just a single answer on it and that too from Raj Chakraborty.

Raj replied “I also Miss u” and “All the Best” for her new movie. These answers began the gossip factories to go into overdrive mode. Yet, individuals with connections in Tollywood say it is simply great companionship and nothing more. It will be an exercise in futility to consider sentiment between the two big names as of right now. They are ensured to be close mates and that’s it.

Sources: anandabazar

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