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Subhashree Ganguly: I don’t want to marry anyone from industry

No, she’s not hurt. And neither is she moping around. Dev may not have stood by her, but Subhashree has always been a fighter. On the sidelines of an exclusive photo shoot for TOI, she opens up about industry equations, catfights and why she can’t be sitting at home counting stars. Excerpts:

So, how is life treating you these days?
Life is treating me well, by God’s grace. Suddenly, I feel I have matured. Earlier, I used to take things lightly but now I have realized that it’s high time I treat both my professional and personal world with maturity. It’s time I take decisions carefully…. It feels somewhere je boro hoye gechhi.

New car, new house, new films, new co-actors… What do old friends say about all of this?
I’m sure they are happy for me… jani na thik.



And what did Dev say after you signed a film opposite Jeet?
He congratulated me after he read the news in the papers.

He read it in the papers? But you always claim you two are ‘good friends’…
(After a pause) Well, we are not just so called filmi good friends but something more than that. Dev has become our family friend over the years. We both are best of friends but are not into a relationship. There is a zone between good friendship and a relation; I think Dev is in that zone. I will never forget the mental support he gave me when I was out of work. I will be happy if I can ever help Dev in any way, but I know there are loads of people to be by his side.



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