Spanish Bullfighter Víctor Barrio Gored to Death In Teruel, Spain Bullfighting Ring

Spanish bullfighter Victor Barrio is gored to death by an 87st bull that pinned him down with its horns in front of his horrified wife live on TV as he becomes first bullfighter to be killed in 30 years. Spanish matador Victor Barrio gored to death in bullfighting ring.

His death, shown live on television, was confirmed on the website of Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring, where Barrio began as an apprentice bullfighter in 2010. He is the first Spanish bullfighter to die in a ring since the turn of the century.

An award winning bullfighter has been gored to death, live in front of hundreds of terrified spectators, including his wife, the first matador fatality in Spain since the turn of the century.

29 year old Segovia bullfighter Víctor Barrio suffered a mortal blow, during his performance screened on television, in the town of Teruel in Aragon, Eastern Spain. His shocked wife, Raquel Sanz, was among the audience and witnessed the tragedy, while Barrio’s fellow matadors rushed to try to help him.

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