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Song of life – Team Benche Thakar Gaan sings the song of life for t2

A film about unrequited love led to a film about bringing people together in old age. How? After watching Abhijit Guha-Sudeshna Roy’s Jodi Love Diley Na Prane, a 70-year-old lady told Sudeshna about her 90-year-old uncle who lived in an old-age home. “And soon this idea of an alternative home came to me… a home away from home,  where different elderly people live in comfort. Our film is about celebrating life after so-called retirement,” says Sudeshna, about Friday release Benche Thakar Gaan (produced by Pradip Churiwal).


Benche Thakar Gaan sings the song of life for t2

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A t2 chat with cast members Tota Roy Choudhury and Gargee Roychowdhury, and directors Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha…

Abhijitda and Sudeshnadi, why pick Tota and Gargee as the lead?

Tota: They chose Gargee first, and then realised if her co-actor had the same surname, it would be great for the film!
Gargee: The opposite can also be true!
Sudeshna: He is my Christopher Plummer, and she is my Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music.
Tota: This is my second film with them after Biye Not Out. We took off from where we had left off. Our wavelengths match.



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