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Shreya Ghoshal sings her first ever Durga Puja song

The melody queen, Shreya Ghoshal has for the first time lent her voice for a a special Durga Puja track titled Dhaak Baja Kanshor Baja which is believed to cater to the musical taste of all generations. All the three solo track have been composed by Jeet Gannguli with lyrics penned by Priyo Chatterjee.

Dhaak Baja Kanshor Baja is a peppy song that has a unique amalgamation of bhakti along with the feeling of celebration, making it perfect for the upcoming Durga Puja festivities. It has been sung by melody queen Shreya Ghoshal.


Shreya Ghoshal

Jeet, who has always created Bollywood music,  happy over the composition, Gangulli said, “Dhaak Baja Kanshor Baja’s orchestration is amazing. Dhaak and kanshor are considered shubho (auspicious), so we have used these words to express devotion.This is Shreya’s first non-film solo for Maa Durga. She has a melodious voice and has done complete justice to the song.” Here is a sneak peek of the making.

Sources: timesofindia


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