Shark Dies After Idiots Drag It From The Sea To Take Selfies

Sharks dragged out of ocean for photos in the Dominican Republic. Shark killed after a group of tourists dragged it out of the water to take photographs with it, reports 

In a video posted online recorded in the Dominican Republic, a group of men race into the water before pulling it onto the beach with ropes, Some of the people were reportedly lifeguards from the nearby Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, where some members of the hotel’s staff were involved, according to The Dodo.

, where some members of the hotel's staff were involved, according to The Dodo.

A spectator captured the horrifying event on video, revealing how the men used ropes to drag the highly distressed creature from the sea, before pressing its sharks’s head and prod it with a plank of wood. One man held the dying creature’s tail fin in the air as he posed for a photo.


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