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Sexy siren Rii’s exclusive chat with CT

She is a face of alternative cinema, but the svelte, super-sexy Rii is far from happy with the branding she got by doing films like Gandu and Cosmic Sex. After breaking up with director Q, she entered Bigg Boss Bangla and was clearly a favourite with the masses. Though she lost the trophy, Rii is not ready to lose heart. At the TOI office on Thursday, she did what she is known for — shoot from the hip. Excerpts:
You seem super-excited with the `16 lakh that you got from Bigg Boss Bangla…
(Laughs) `16 lakh, yes! Before I went in, I had signed a contract, but I was not keeping track of the monetary transactions. For three months, I was only concentrating on the game. It struck me once I came home. I feel I can afford to not work for a while — money gives you that security. I can move to Mumbai, do so many things. Sometimes, to have money is a nicer feeling than being loved…
What made you join the show?
I had some time on me and the channel had offered me the show earlier as well.
This time, I thought if I refuse it, maybe it would show a lack of confidence on my part. And I was not bothered by the fact that the cameras were on 24×7, the show is very mainstream. As a human being I wanted to know what can happen if all my comforts are taken away from me one fine day. Also, I was not answerable to anyone and didn’t have any responsibility towards another person. So, I thought why not!



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