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Today’s Bes Friend: Harley the Great Dane and baby Isla are best friends

Parents Vanessa Rowe and Ben Wickens adopted gentle giant Harley after they endured a tough year following a miscarriage and illness. But after the huge dog bounded into their lives, Vanessa, 40, finally fell pregnant and the couple were initially worried the 110lb dog wouldn’t accept their tiny new arrival.


Vanessa Rowe and Ben Wickens from Stockport, England, had feared that Harley would not accept baby Isla when she was born in June, but now the couple are simply inseparable. Vanessa says Harley is so gentle with her baby and says the huge dog is like her ‘other daughter’. Now Isla and Harley love nothing more than curling up together for a nap on the sofa or playing on Isla’s floor mat, and the baby’s parents are convinced their dog thinks she is an ‘ugly bald puppy’.


Seven-month-old baby Isla is best friends with 110-pound Great Dane Harley.

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