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Security Guard Training

Congratulations on your decision to start your career as a security guard!

You are entering a field that is in high demand, so your chances of getting a job and becoming a security guard are more than excellent!

Security guard training requirements vary from state to state. Please select your state below to read both the unarmed and armed security guard training requirements so you can quickly get started.


Security Guard

A security guard is paid to protect. Whether it’s people, places, property or assets – a security officer’s duty is an extremely important one, which is why the protection services industry is one of the most popular among job seekers today.


Security Guard Training

Most are employed through private companies that are hired by those who seek protection. No matter what part of the world you may live in, there’s always a demand for keeping watch, however training requirements and regulations vary from State to State in the U.S., and country to country as well.


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