When They Peeked Inside A Manhole And What They Saw Was Totally Unexpected

If there’s one universal and indisputable truth in this world, it’s this: secret rooms are cool and everybody wants one. Artist Biancoshock knows this, which is why he’s decided to turn these abandoned manholes in Milan’s Lodi district into hidden miniature subterranean dwellings.



Far from using his project to simply make us jealous however, Biancoshock has a much deeper motivation for his work. The purpose of the manholes is to make us think about those who are forced to live in tightly-confined spaces, and he took his inspiration from the hundreds of people who are thought to inhabit Bucharest’s sewer systems in Romania.

The three rooms comprise a series called Borderlife and each of them depicts a different domestic setting. One contains a shower and another has been transformed into a miniature kitchen complete with tiny culinary accessories.

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