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Russia films the most ambitious film Your History … This is your look!

It is called “Guardians of the Soviet Union Superheroes ” is a Russian neo-noir superhero film directed by Armenian director Sarik Andreasyan and is probably the biggest blockbuster film of Russia and his first animated film genre of ” superhero ” .

The film that would come in December this year, is played by Anton Pampushny as Wildman , a man – bear, Sanzhar Madiyev as Windman (who stars in this preview ) , Sebastian Sisak Grigoryan as Landman and Alina Lanina as Waterwoman. It is set to be released in February 2017.

The film is about a group of Soviet superheroes created during the Cold War. The group includes representatives of the different nationalities of the USSR, superpowers protagonists reflect strengths and traditions of the people of the USSR. via- youtube


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