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Riya dons chef’s hat for family and friends!

Actress Riya Sen has donned a chef’s hat, is laying a new dish on the table just for her family and friends, she cooked a chicken dish from Meghalaya and a Filipino dish, chicken tinola, which is served with rice.


Riya Sen

Actress Riya Sen Said that, “I love to cook, and my friends and family members also say that I’m good at it. That gives me more energy to experiment with spices and other ingredients.”



I made a simple Naga-style chicken curry with Bhutanese potatoes (kewa datshi). That too, is served with rice. Now, I’m making Italian spaghetti with bolognese sauce and Thai fish with ginger and lemon. My friend’s hubby, who is a French chef, taught me how to prepare the spaghetti,” she said with a smile.


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