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Revealed: The real reason behind Raj and Mimi’s breakup

Tollywood is abuzz with the news of one of its darling couples breaking up. Till Sunday evening, when TOI broke the news of Raj Chakrabarty and Mimi Chakraborty’s impending breakup on the website, it was just a hush-hush gossip doing the rounds.

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After all, the actress and the director had never owned up to their relationship, even though it was an open secret. After CT reported that there might be a third man, whom Mimi met on her trip to Turkey, accounts of sources close to the two started pouring in.


Real reason behind Raj and Mimi's breakup

Turns out, Mimi’s Turkey trip came as a bolt from the blue for a happy couple. The trip had started out very normally, but it snowballed when Mimi met Melih Gulhan Kızılkaya, a 20-year-old, part of Gangster’s (Birsa Dasgupta’s film) local crew from Turkey.

One of the sources, close both to Raj Chakrabarty and Mimi Chakraborty, said, “Raj went to drop Mimi at the airport when she was leaving for Turkey. Everything was fine between them.



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