Watch eye-watering moment dermatologist uses NEEDLE to pop spots that never come to a head

Skin doctor Dr. GuruS2 shows her four-step process to removing deep spots from a young woman’s face in another gruesome pimple popping video and never want to come to a head always seem to be the most painful ones. But one dermatologist has found a four-step technique that gets those troubling pimples out.

The main problem is that it involves using a needle – so those with a phobia might want to look away.Skin doctor Dr. GuruS2, who shares spot extraction videos on YouTube , filmed the moment they removed several deep comedomes from a young patient’s face.It starts by showing the dermatologist using a blackhead remover tool, also known as a comedone extractor, over the skin first.They then take a needle and press it into the top of the spot, pulling out a small amount of sebum with it.

A piece of white tissue is then placed over the wound to soak up any blood and left for a few minutes, which appears to draw up the deep spot to the surface and a head appears.

The doctor then goes back in with the extractor tool and removes the spot from the woman’s face, has been shared more than 3,000 times since it was posted online on Saturday.

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