Reasons Why People Have Fake Facebook Profiles

“Facebook has always been based on a real name culture,” a Facebook spokesperson says to me via email. “We fundamentally believe this leads to greater accountability and a safer and more trusted environment for people who use the service.” But what if you need to maintain a fake profile for personal, professional, security or creative reasons?

Fake Facebook Profile #1: When Full Disclosure Isn’t An Option

Chicago-based performance artist Daaimah Mubashshir maintains two Facebook profiles: one for her current self, which includes her theater work, and another for her “old” self. She is currently working on a show called “The Untangling at the Junction,” which delves directly into issues about being black and queer in an Islamic environment, and it’s something she prefers not to share with people from her past. (Full disclosure: Daaimah and I worked together about a year ago on a sketch comedy show “Aqua and Baum is Broke as Hell.”)

 Reasons Why People Have Fake Facebook Profiles

“My old/asexual profile is full of extended family, religious people from my childhood and work colleagues who are unfamiliar with my theater work,” she says. “I came to the decision that now, while I am in the development mode for these projects, it is not the time to be responding to comments or fielding questions about sensitive topics.”


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