Real Paranormal Activity Ghosts At The villisca Axe Murder House Caught On Tape??

Villisca axe murder house investigation the Real Paranormal Activity Caught On Tape, this footage from the 3 Girls In The Dark paranormal team. The group explored the famous Villisca Murder House in Iowa late last year and captured some bizarre footage.?

In 1912, the house was the site of a brutal murder that left all six members of the Moore family and their two young guests dead. Emily & Christy only people in house in upstairs bedroom. Gina radios in words “slay utterly” which is words God apparently spoke to the reverend when God told him to murder the family in his confession. Only 1 room floor shakes. Felt like whole house but upon review of DVR footage only room that shakes is the upstairs bedroom that Emily & Christy are in. When Gina radios these words in is when the floor shook… You can read more about the Villisca axe murders here.

(source: Ghostsofbritain)

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