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Ranbir Kapoor visited Deepika Padukone in L.A

Deepika Padukone shocked everyone by going to Ranbir Kapoor’s apartment last week, While she was on a break in Mumbai from her xXx shoot… but this one is ”Big shocking News” for you. Recently, the news of Deepika Padukone spending quality time with Ranbir Kapoor after returning to the city from Canada got gossip mills churning with reports of something brewing between the two ex lovers.

Though Dippy is now dating actor Ranveer Singh and focusing on her international film career, the diva still makes time for her ex beau. Wonder how Ranveer Singh feels about the whole thing?


Did Ranbir Kapoor Secretly Visit Deepika Padukone in LA?


Ranbir Kapoor visited Deepika Padukone in L.A

Now, if you think that Deepika spending time with Ranbir while beau Ranveer Singh was in Dubai attending TOIFA is surprising… So what’s happening? Why are Ranbir and Deepika visiting each other and We know that Deepika still holds a torch for the ‘Tamasha’ actor to spend some quality time with DP.

Ranbir Kapoor visited Deepika Padukone in L.A

According to a report on Spotboye.com, Ranbir apparently flew all the way to L.A, The two met privately and spent some quality time with each other, states the report. Hmm…#we wonder what’s cooking between the two.

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