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Raima Sen Fitness Secrets revealed!

A workout regimen she loves and a balanced diet that lets her eat healthy. Raima stays fit all the time by keeping up on her workout routine, “It’s terrific — it did wonders to my body. I recommend it to everyone,” she says. The actress also includes weight training in her fitness regime, training five times a week to tone up and giving her body time to rest and recover over the weekend.


Raima Sen Health and Fitness Secrets

Hot yoga is amazing when it comes to weight loss and toning the body and it also helps build your flexibility. The postures and breathing exercises in hot yoga guarantee a phenomenal calorie burn.


Raima Sen Fitness Secrets revealed!

”I feel refreshed and happy. Different people meditate in their own ways and whatever works for you is fine — dancing, cooking or just sitting and thinking nothing,” she added.

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