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Prosenjit Back At The Dining Table To ‘REAL’ Wife Arpita

Prosenjit Chatterjee along with his spouse Arpita Chatterjee are coming together to shoot for a commercial for Emami Healthy & Tasty Soyabean Oil. Last Tuesday, The family man Prosenjit was back at the dining table, this time rosenjit gave his shots playing a doting husband to ‘real’ wife Arpita Chatterjee is an ad for Emami Healthy & Tasty Soyabean Oil, who is also a part of this commercial.


Prosenjit Back At The Dining Table To ‘REAL’ Wife Arpita

The husband-wife duo breezed through a couple of scenes that summed up how the family bonds over food, son Trishanjeet to be a part of the commercial — from having breakfast together to enjoying a family dinner. The first scene canned on January 3 saw Prosenjit in the kitchen, making puris for breakfast.


Prosenjit and Arpita to shoot a commercial together

“It’s great to start the New Year working with friends. And it feels like we are shooting for a film! I’m playing myself in the ad. It’s the journey of a hero.… In between the action and dance scenes, premieres and rehearsals, there is the food and staying fit,” Prosenjit told t2. 

Sources: telegraphindia

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